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We just want to say…

Thanks to our fans, friends and families for their continued support! It’s been a whole week since our last gig at King Billy’s in Northampton. We had a blast, an excellent end to our first line up of gigs. If anyone has any photos, videos or otherwise from that gig, we’d appreciate seeing them!

In the meantime, we’ve added a videos¬†section with all our videos from our Elme Hall gig and we’ve added some more photos to the gallery¬†with more yet to come!

Stay tuned, our next gig is at The Royal Oak, in St Ives. Our first time playing this venue. Come down and have a beer and some, heavy, heavy metal!

Gig: The Grapes, Cambridge

Massive thanks to everyone who turned up last night for our last minute gig at the Grapes in Cambridge. We had a blast! Hopefully someone took some photos of this gig. In the meantime, we’ve added some photos from our gig at Elme Hall, Wisbech.

Head on over to the Gallery and check them out!

Corr… look at that, our first photos!

We’ve just added our first set of photos to the site. Taken by Roger Skillin during a sweaty band rehearsal. Thanks, Roger!