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We just want to say…

Thanks to our fans, friends and families for their continued support! It’s been a whole week since our last gig at King Billy’s in Northampton. We had a blast, an excellent end to our first line up of gigs. If anyone has any photos, videos or otherwise from that gig, we’d appreciate seeing them!

In the meantime, we’ve added a videos¬†section with all our videos from our Elme Hall gig and we’ve added some more photos to the gallery¬†with more yet to come!

Stay tuned, our next gig is at The Royal Oak, in St Ives. Our first time playing this venue. Come down and have a beer and some, heavy, heavy metal!

Video: Symphony of Destruction @ Elme Hall


Here we are playing a cover of Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction. Brutal.

Video: Demoniser – Enter Sandman @ Elme Hall

Check it out guys, a video of Demoniser playing Enter Sandman at Elme Hall. Nice to hear everyone singing along to it! Thanks to Garry Clarke for the video.

Gig and Video!

Remember folks, there’s a gig on at The Three Horseshoes this Saturday.

To whet your appetite a bit, here’s a video from our first gig at Elme Hall, Wisbech.